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Summary: A lost mom trying to keep her daughter from suffering the way she did


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Gender: Femail

Age: 20

Group: Travelers (Future)

Time/Place of Origin

USS VIKING NCC 962 ( stardate 46254.7)


Ensign Luna. Security officer and mother.


Standard issue yellow and black star fleet uniform. She has blond hair bright blue eyes and white and black spoted wings.


Luna is extremely protective. she is every smart and does not trust strangers. She also tends to lean towards being a pain.


Luna has a complicated history she is the result of experiment cared out by section 31. She eventually joins Star fleet and is stationed on the viking. she fall in love what another security officer and has a daughter who is now three.


she has a standard issue phaser.


(Wings) Luna can fly and fights better when she has the space to fly. Her bones are hollow and her wings are easily broken. She is terrified of Scientist and Doctors.

Favourite Sayings

" who are you"

"Cerenity get back here!"

Character Notes

none at this time

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Image of Luna
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