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Summary: a fun loving super intelligent child.


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Gender: female

Age: 3

Group: Travelers (Future)

Time/Place of Origin

USS VIKING NCC 962 ( stardate 46254.7)


Small Child


Usually light weight clothing a dark blue in color.


Cerenity is super intelligent she can program computers and work doors. she enjoys exploring, flying, and meeting new people. Unlike her mother she is extremely out going. She also has some limited telepathic ability.


Cerenity was born on the Viking and has lived her entire life onbord that ship.


A stuffed polar bear.


Extremely intelligent child.

(Wings) has hollow bones that can brake easily. She cant say numbers. she has the personally of a five year old and is sometimes unable to explain what she is thinking.

Favourite Sayings

" Hi I am Cerenity I'm this many years old..."

Character Notes

None at this time

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Image of Cerenity
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