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Summary: Silently watching from the trees...


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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Travelers (Past)

Time/Place of Origin

Late 8th Century - Planet known as "Rivveneria" (Earth type planet)


Medicine Woman/Doctor


A petite young woman that is very short for her age. Despite being so small with a youthful appearance, she is physically fit with the appropriate curves. She has pale white hair that is often in a long braid down to her waist, dark skin, and gold eyes. She also has slightly pointed ears.

Her wardrobe usually consists of a dark cloak, leathers, and furs with bandage wrappings around her arms, hands, legs, and feet. She never wears shoes, fearing she will be too loud.


Personality - As someone with severe psychosis, she is accustomed to being alone or with her older brother. When not enjoying the hunt or just trying to keep the voices away, she can be a very kind young woman and has always been seen as someone in need of protection. However, as most learn the hard way, she can take care of herself well enough.

Interest - Mostly her older brother, but aside from that she is happy to hunt food or forage for herbs and other ingredients. She also enjoys making new weapons from bones.


Born to a world that did not accept her mental disabilities, Whisper did all she could to become a brilliant hunter and warrior with her brother's help and training. It all ended badly, though, with her being banished to the wilderness around her village. She was not alone, for her Echo followed by choosing to be a traitor over losing his only family.

Most of their travels were spent hunting or avoiding people from their tribe that would rather they be dead. She has kept her herbs and other supplies up-to-date in order to keep not only herself alive, but Echo as well.

They went to sleep one night within their jungle, hidden in a tree, but awoke in the Savage Lands the next day. With all of her mental dysfunctions and other such secretive issues, she worries she will not survive.

It will all be figured out in due time.


Always carrying around a bag for collecting supplies, she also has different pouches and belts tied around her waist and thighs to hold weapons and other helpful items.


Twin Bone Daggers - Made from her first kill back on Rivveneria, she cherishes them, making sure to keep them well maintained.

Bow and Arrows - She made the bow from an elder tree back on Rivveneria and uses whatever she can to create arrows. She has regular and poison tipped ones.

Throwing Bone Knives - She has multiple ones hidden on her person to keep both beasts and people away when they come at her.


Herbs - She uses them to make medicines, healing salves, and even food when she cannot hunt down game.

Cleaning Tools - Best used when skinning her meals, she keeps this handy kit hidden in her bag.

Medical Kits - She carries three at a time to tend to any wounded she may run into. They often have fresh bandages, medicinal herbs, and tools that allow her to clean wounds.

Water Skin Pouch - A small pouch that she keeps clean water in.



Huntress - If you want a meal always turn to her for help. Living in a world harsh with wild beasts and even wilder people, she was forced to face facts and survive.

Medical Assistance - Before she was banished, she stole a medical book and has been using it almost all her life to help both herself and her brother.

Warrior - She is very skilled in close combat and a decent shot with her bow, though she prefers to avoid fighting people.


Introverted and unsociable - Due to being banished, the only companion she's had for years is her older brother. Having psychosis and being mute has not made her situation any better.


She loves to collect the bones of dead animals and uses them as jewelry and other decorations.

She can use sign language.

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Character Notes

She is mute and often gets her point across with gestures or by clicking her tongue.

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