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Summary: A hunter down to his bones.


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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Travelers (Past)

Time/Place of Origin

Late 8th Century - Planet known as "Rivveneria" (Earth type planet)




Like his younger sister, Echo is dark skinned with pale white hair and gold eyes. He stands at 5'10" and is fit for combat with detailed tribal tattoos along his arms and chest.

Often seen in only a pair of pants and his dark boots with bandages wrapped around his ankles, he has metal armor over his right arm from his days as a warrior in his tribe. The only person that knows what he looks like is Whisper because he always has a mask and a headdress on, also a sign of his heritage.


Personality: A fairly calm individual with little interest in people, unless you count his sister. He is considered a tough but fair individual that thinks everyone should earn their own meals.

Interest: Hunting and searching for Whisper. He is always in the mood to sharpen his weapons.


Most of his life has been training and hunting while raising his sister, the only blood he has left after their parent's were taken out by the wildlife of their planet. When the tribe leader made the decision to cast out Whisper, he took the initiative and murdered the man. Fleeing to the wild with his sister, he has done all he can to keep her safe and mentally stable.

Upon their arrival to Savage Lands, he lost her in an attack and has been searching for her ever since. He is more inclined to visit cities and populated areas, not realizing she avoids them like the plague.



Heavy Axe - A well maintained silver axe built from the strongest metals of Rivveneria. It is his signature weapon.

Bone Dagger - A weapon Whisper made him that he uses as a last resort.


Sharpening Kit - One of the few things he is willing to carry around because he never wants his weapons to grow dull.



Close Combat - Brilliant and skilled with his axe, he has trained his entire life to survive in the wilds of his home world and uses it to his advantage to this day.


His Bleeding Heart - Not literally, but figuratively. He has a big heart for children and can't help but to protect them, much like he would Whisper.


He has a habit of collecting little bones, hoping to give them to his sister one day.

He's rather foul mouthed and not ashamed of it.

Favourite Sayings

"I'll go away when I like, kid."

"The hunt is all that matters if you need to keep your belly full."

Character Notes

He never takes off his mask unless he is with Whisper.

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Image of Echo
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