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Summary: Fight fire with fire

Charles Jameson

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Gender: Male

Age: 37

Group: Travelers (Past)

Time/Place of Origin

1957- Russia


Super Soldier
"Inhuman" hunter
Charles was once the second in command of his Squad, VII-X. Now he is considered a monster of his nation


He wears a black prisoner outfit with a blue symbol of a dragon around the Soviet Union symbol. He is also wearing steel toe boots.
He was brown hair and golden eyes with light colored skin. He is at a height of 6'3 and a weight of 450 Ibs. He has a large muscular build and his body is covered in scars.


Charles was once a man of loyalty and honor. Now he does whatever he feels is right. Even though he has lost his whole squad, he will protect and even sacrifice himself in order for the benefit of others.

He is a man who isn't afraid of death, he loves a good drink and to party. However due to his PTSD, he is a bit of an alcoholic.


In the earth Charles is from there was no ww2, but rather a conflict with a secondary race that resided on planet earth. Much after ww1, a race that resided under the surface rose to invade the weaken humans. This race was called the Valions, a race that were monsterous in physical power. To counter this invasion, Scientists tried their best to create super soldiers. Only Russian scientists succeeded, they created five chemicals from the biological chemistry of the Valions. Chemicals A-E were highly mutagenic, the scientists realized that only a certain amount of people were compatible with at least one of the chemicals, let alone all of them.
So they created soldiers and forces each with the name of what chemical they used. Charles however was one of the few who could use all five chemicals. Charles and his sister were experimented at age 12, enlisted at age 16, and finally saw combat at age 16. The human and Valion war lasted for 12 long years. Charles was 25 when it ended, however it was not the end. Corrupted politicans begin to sell the chemicals in the black market, which ended with an outbreak of humans that mutated into monsters. They were labeled as Inhumans. The forces that fought the Valions were sent to deal with the Inhumans, however a new discovery was made. After so long in beast form, the soldiers would lose their humanity and become Inhumans. Charles and his squad were the last to fall. During a combat with a Genetic X type Inhuman, one who used all five chemicals, Charle's lost half of his squad, his sister who was in command used all five chemicals to defeat the X threat Inhuman. She used the antidote after the battle because she felt herself slipping, but instead died by a heart attack.
The remaining chemicals were taken back, any one in possession of it was to be terminated. Charles and the remaining squad members were experimented further, and one by one they became Inhuman and terminated, all except Charles. He survived all the testing, so the decided to ship him off with the rest of the Valion chemicals. A storm hit the ship and Charles and the ship found themselves in the Savage lands, the remaining crew dead or missing, leaving Charles all alone.


A simple combat knife.
A large stash of Valion chemicals in the ship.

Chemical A- Causes him to have all senses, physical abilities, and reaction time to increase by 2 fold. Muscles will bulge and veins will turn black.
Inhuman mutation chance-5%
Time Limit- Hour and a half
Death risk- 15%

Chemical B- Causes him to increase in size by a foot in height, muscle mass will increase by 2.5 fold. Skin becomes very resilient needing 400 pounds of force to penetrate it. Causes him to become a large brutish creature with grayish skin.
Inhuman mutation chance-10%
Time limit-One hour
Death risk-16%
Color: Blue

Chemical C- Causes him to mutate into a wolfish human and grows in height by one and a half feet. He will increase physical abilities by 2 fold, senses increase however hearing and smell increase by 4 fold. He will also gain regenerative abilities that can heal major wounds in minutes.
Inhuman mutation chance-15%
Time Limit- one hour
Death risk-20%

Chemical D- Cause him to have his speed increase by 5 fold as well as his physical strength increase by four fold. He will change into a thin and tall humanoid with his height increasing by 2 ft. His muscle mass will also increase by 1.5 fold. Skin becomes pale.
Inhuman mutation chance- 15%
Time Limit- 45 minutes
Death risk- 25%
Color- Purple

Chemical E- Cause him to become a large muscular human . Increases height by 3 ft and muscle mass increases by 3 fold. Senses increase by 1.5 and physically abilities increase by 4 fold. Becomes immune to pain, body becomes highly resilient to damage.
Inhuman mutation chance- 20%
Time limit- 30 minutes
Death risk- 35%

Antidote- a white chemical that turns him back into a human.

He can also mix these chemicals, however the chances and risk increase.


Charles is trained as a common soldier would be, such as survivability, combat, etc.
He is a light sleep and suffers from PTSD, and nightmares.
The chemicals he uses have a chance to make him just become a Inhuman, however he is very careful not to lose humanity.

Favourite Sayings

"Sometimes to kill a monster, one must become one."

"Don't ever lose your humanity."

Character Notes

Each chemical affects everyone differently.

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