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Summary: An Eloi Companion With Questions


Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Native (Advanced)

Time/Place of Origin

Utopia - The Savage Lands - Present Day


Eloi Companion


Typical Eloi appearance and garb.


Curious and smarter than the average eloi. A bit of a firebrand


Was born and raised in the machine city of Utopia and trained as a companion. She lost her eldest sister and mentor to morlocks and hasn't been the same, questioning the city and the roles eloi play.


Memory Link device - A piece of technology that appears to be elaborate jewelry, can be used to communicate with other Eloi, record events and memories and share them with others, as well as a number of other things.

Translation Stone - A necklace that operates as a universal translator which allows an Eloi companion to verbally communicate with their traveler companion and others.


Tends to be more thoughtful than most eloi, is genuinely curious about the world and tries to learn as much as she can. However her curiosity also means she gets into a lot of dangerous situations and is also on a watchlist for potential exile due to her questions regarding Utopia.

Enjoys bitter foods.

Favourite Sayings

"Tell me more, please."

Character Notes

None at this time.

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Image of Ven
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