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Summary: A cold Valion

Oviala Mintla

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Gender: Female

Age: 37

Group: Travelers (Past)

Time/Place of Origin

1957- Russia


Valion Queen- One of the leading political leaders of Valion society. With the Arch Queen or Arch King above them.
Oviala I'd known as the Cold Hearted, due to her sadistic ways to get something done.


She has a slim, but modest figure. She has pale skin and white hair, matched with golden piercing eyes, pointed ears, dark lips, and high cheekbones. She stands at a height of 5'3 and weighs about 270 pounds.
She wears a dark red outfit that much resembles a open chested shirt. She has dark cloth pants and steel boots. She wears a dark colored cloak over her outfit.


She is cold and calculated, she is willing to do whatever she has to do in order to get something she wants. She always observes people to see what she can use them for in her plans. She preys on weakness, may it be physically or mentally. She is a bit obsessed with her nephew Kialn, treating him like a her personal toy.


Oviala was born in high society of the Valions. With her brother, Ják she rose in the political ranks of the Valions in the span of years. She became one of the most influential woman for her people, while Ják became one of the head scientist for the Valion chemical and energy source they called Vozus. That's when WW1 broke out, the conflict effected Valion greatly, due to many drills attacking their society. After much persuasion, Oviala was able to convince her peers to invoke war. The Human and Valion war began, Ják was the lead scientist in the war effort, during one such combat the Valions were able to get one of the Super soldiers meant to kill Valion warriors. This soldier was Charles's sister, Amelia. During his investigation on her the two ended up forming a relationship in which lead to the birth of Kialn. In the later years of the war Ják was killed by other Valions who hated his love for a human. Oviala was forced to raise her nephew when Amelia went back with the humans. It turned out the Amelia didn't only catch attention from Ják but also Ovial. When Amelia died, she decided to try and find a way out of Kailn being taken from her.
Kailn being known as a Chimera was going to be used as a way to bring true peace with humans and Valions, but Oviala didn't want to lose what was left of the woman she loved so they fled, where they ended up in the savage lands.


She carries a Valion conceal knife, which is a blade the comes out of a brace she wears, the blade comes over her hand.

She also has Valion sword, which resembles a longsword.

She also Valion throwing daggers, about 250 of them, each on is the size of her pinkie.


She is trained in Valion sword fighting, dagger throwing, Valion combat, as well as survival skills. She advances in the political field and is a master of planning.
As a Valion she has excellent night vision, and hearing. She is agile and quick, and she heals just a tiny bit faster then humans.

However she is very sensitive to light, getting sunburnt easily. Bright lights can disorient her, and her body is a bit more fragile.

Favourite Sayings

"I think we should do something else."

"Kialn belongs to me."

Character Notes

She sexually abuses and harasses Kialn.

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