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Summary: The Chimera

Kialn Mintula

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Travelers (Past)

Time/Place of Origin

1957- Russia


Chimera- A hybrid between a human and a Valion.


He has pale skin, long silver hair, high cheek bones and bright golden eyes. He has a slim but athletic build. He stands at a height of 5'7 in height and weights 280 pounds.
He wears a black t shirt with metal bracers. He has dark pants and steel boots that go up to his knees. He also wears a dark colored cloak over his outfit.


Kialn is very logical about his decision, he always thinks about the outcome that would be the best for all parties, except hostile parties. He tries to keep a cold and emotionless face, however in truth he is playful and inquisitive. He really just wants to be free from his Aunt's grasp.


Kialn was the son of Ják and Amelia. However when he was barely a year old, his mother was forced to leave and his father was killed by Anti-human Valions. He was raised by Oviala who treated him like a possession and was sexually abuses and harrassed by her. He wished to live a happy life away from her, which he almost had the chance to get away when the Valion Arch Queen wanted his help to create true peace with the humans and Valions. Of course Oviala wasn't going to give him up, so she took him as they fled. They ended up in the Savage Lands soon after.


He only has two Valion conceal blades, which reside in his bracers.


He is very observant, able to find things that don't match up. He can actually come up with good plans.
Now Kialn is a hybrid of human and Valion, so he has excellent night vision, and hearing. He is agile and quick, and he heals just a tiny bit faster then humans.

However he isn't as sensitive to light, he can actually get a small tan, but has more of a chance getting burnt. Bright lights can blind, and his body is a bit more durable then Oviala's but not by much.

Favourite Sayings

"Can I say something?"

Character Notes

He is Charles's nephew

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