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Summary: Dragoon Peacekeeper and Father

Jhonen Cross

Gender: Male

Age: Mid-Forties

Group: Travelers (Future)

Time/Place of Origin

Late 23rd Century
The Planet Jericho


Dragoon Peacekeeper


A tall man with long dusty blonde hair and a beard. Heavily scarred. Dressed in a long dragonleather coat. Has a cybernetic right arm.


A stern and disciplined man with a warm and compassionate side reserved only for those close to him. His main interest is keeping his daughter safe.


Born on a distant world, his family came to Jericho to start a new life on the frontier. However when his family took in a young woman who was near death things became a nightmare when that woman turned out to be the ruthless Crimson Queen. A criminal mastermind who murdered Jhonen's family before raping him and leaving him for dead.

In the intervening years Jhonen became a member of the Dragoon, a peacekeeping force of dragon riders on the planet Jericho. He eventually gained the title of "Demon Hunter" for his ruthlessness and effectiveness. His search for revenge brought him back into contact with The Crimson Queen, who he found out had his child. Determined to save his daughter, The Queen decided to torture him with The Crimson Game. Jhonen had to defeat her lieutenants one by one and defeat The Queen to get his daughter back.

A mission he succeeded.

However it was at great cost. With the fall of the Crimson Queen Jhonen became the most wanted man on Jericho by both criminals and his own Dragoon allies. Jhonen decided to take his daughter into the wilds of Jericho where they somehow managed to end up in the Savage Lands.


Monomolecular sword
M41A Pulse Rifle
STI 9mm Pistol
Bionic Arm with "Scorpion" harpoon cable system


Jhonen is a skilled combatant with the skills of a Dragoon Peacekeeper, even without his magical abilities he is a force to be reckoned with.

However his attachment to his daughter leaves him at a disadvantage as he is highly protective of her.

Favourite Sayings

"No second chances."

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Image of Jhonen Cross
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