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Summary: A man trying to find a reason to live.

Jin'Lor Venneroe

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Gender: Male

Age: Appears to be in late 30's

Group: Travelers (Future)

Time/Place of Origin

Early 300o's - Earth Galaxy


Inventor (DNA based)


Average height with brown hair and dark blue eyes, he has fair skin and sharp claws. A scar encircles his neck and another follows his spine from tailbone up to the back of his head where it disappears into his hair.

His wardrobe consists of jeans, boots, a t-shirt, and his jacket.


A bit of a psychotic individual, but a gentleman deep down, he tries to be friendly. His bad habit of playing games gets him into a lot of trouble, though.


Born on Saturn in a time where all of Earth Galaxy's planets are occupied, he grew up learning genetics and how to use blades. Over the years as he made too many mistakes and essentially got killed, only to wake up with more problems than before.

Years later, he seems to have lost everything and has no purpose, just traveling from planet to planet alone until he finally woke up in Savage Lands.


Seven Custom Built Knives
Medical Scalpel
Small Journal - He writes in it a lot


Regenerative ability that lets him heal faster than most, but in Savage Lands it is cut by half and he is forced to be more careful or risk actually dying.

Mental instability where he can't quite keep things straight.

Favourite Sayings

"I have no purpose..."

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Image of Jin'Lor Venneroe
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