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Summary: I think I am lost


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Gender: Femail

Age: 17

Group: Travelers (Future)

Time/Place of Origin

Earth 2000


Ballet student


Astra stands about 5ft 1 inches tall. She has pail skin long brown hair ties in a bun and light brown almost golden eyes. She wondered into the savage lands on her way back to the dorms after class. She in currently in a dark blue leotard and practice Tutu, with pink point shoes.


Astra is kind gentle and always willing to help and make new friends. She is however is quite obsessed with becoming a ballet dancer.


Astra was born in California she lived there with her parents until she was 14 when she was acsepted into the new your ballet actimy where she went to live in the dorms. One day she wondered into the savage lands on the way home from one of her classes.


She has no weapons only her point shoses


She can move fast and is distracting, disadvantages she doesn’t know how to fight and is sometimes walked all over because she is to nice. She wishes to be seen as more the just a doll.

Favourite Sayings

“Can I help you”

“Oh you startled me did I wake you?”

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Image of Astra
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