This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Aug 11, 2020, 3:02am

The Player Characters can come from almost anywhere and/or anytime and even possible past or future versions of earth but limits must be set. This said here are some guidelines for players to follow...

1. Character Tech levels should not exceed the confines of the setting. Time Travelers, Rifters, Dimensional Walkers are unlikely to find their way to the Savage Lands by accident and thus also very unlikely to stay there if they did.

2. Magic is a subjective concept and can prove disruptive in a non-magical setting. While we will allow low to mid-level super-humans, super-soldiers, and mentalists. This is a No Magic Game. ~ No Magic-Users, Wizards, or Divine Spellcasters. That means you Harry Potter.

3. Characters arrive with what they can carry and not much else. Weapons and Equipment should be reasonable. ~ You're character is not Batman unless your character is in fact Batman. At which point we'll need to talk as clearly your character is in the wrong game. ( and no Batman cannot join this game so )

4. Mounts and Vehicles are a possibility in story but survival or continued function is going to be continuous issue. ~ The Dinosaur ate my Horse

5. The characters can be total bullies and assholes in story and foul language and sexual innuendo is allowed and encouraged but these should not extend into player to player level unless socially acceptable. ( Don't bully each other )

6. No killing each others characters without prior approval from the Characters Writer.

7. No Puppeting or Narrating other Writers Characters without prior approval. ( This means full actions or dialogue. ) This however does not extend to logical narratives or colorful text.

example -

" Taal gave Sheppard a dirty look... "


" Bonnie wiped the blood from her swollen lip."

8. No Stalking, No Unwanted sexual advances, No off board abuse.

9. Do try to have fun...

** I abide by a 3 strikes your out policy ... I will be clear in that by strikes I mean any combination of complaints totalling three.