Strangers & Tomatos

She had only just killed the lizard and was judging its weight when the resounding objection had drawn her attention from her kill towords the shores of the cold sea.

Taal briefly considered simply ignoring the sound of distress she heard and continue about her business but she had to admit she was lonely now that Mother had gone and any company would be welcome as long as it didn't try to killer her or eat her.


It hadn't taken very long to find the source of the voice ... or rather voices now that she listened more carefully.

Reaching a great tree she quickly climbed upwards four perhaps five lengths until she could walk out onto a heavy limb with a fair view of the beach and the small gathering of travellers that stood around the old rusted out metal wagon that rested half buried in the sand.

4 males, 1 female, and A horse ...

All of which were armed and all dressed as strangely as Taal had come to expect of the assorted travellers that passing through her part of the jungle.

Not so close as to easily be assaulted and not so far away as to not hear their words as they spoke. Taal seated herself on the thick limb and collected one of the wild tomato's she collected earlier from her bag biting into it the soft fruit as she watched the scene play out.


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