Cautious Greetings

Mia looked in the direction that Jackson looked and saw the samurai as well. "What the hell is going on here?" She wondered aloud. She decided to keep her distance, and her hand on her sidearm, in case things went awry. The kid got out of the box and started going on about opium or something. Though Mia seriously doubted that they were all tripping on drugs.

Something had happened. For Mia the only thing she could figure was that Giger's device had sent her to this place. And she hoped that that meant that Miles was somewhere around as well...

Miles made his way along the beach until he started to hear distant voices talking. Cautious, he produced his gun and checked to see if it was loaded. He'd fired three shots at Giger's machine, and there were seven shots left in his blaster. He'd have to make them count. No wanting to just walk up to whoever was talking out in the open he moved into the trees and moved to a spot that gave him a proper view of whoever it was talking on the beach.

He reached a great tree and when he saw the group his heart leaped when he saw Mia. But she was regarding the three others suspiciously, her hand on her sidearm. He didn't like this. So he decided to hold back from reuniting with Mia for the moment in case she needed backup.

Little did he know there was another, lurking in the branches of the tree he was standing next to, who was watching as well...

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