Lightshows and Tomatos

EARTH - 426 AE(After Extinction)

Berin began his day as he began every day. Walking. He was always walking. It helped to distract him from the ever present pit of pain and despair that originated in his stomach. When the rest of life on earth was wiped out Berin had felt extremely sorry for himself and he only begrudgingly ate the canned food that was the only thing left to eat, wishing for the old days when his mother would make him steak. It turns out that even canned food doesn't last forever and after the first 60 years he had a much harder time finding anything edible at all and the last time he had eaten was year 101 when he had found a can of beans that wasn't spoiled. Every day after that Berin had spent walking the earth and looking for some miracle food that had survived or perhaps signs of new life. But every day was the same and full of the same disappointments and the same horrible pain as his body longed for sustenance. His legs wouldn't carry him very far in his weakened state but he got through around 15 miles a day. The earth had turned into lifeless dessert over the centuries and Berin had considered suicide many times, but he couldn't help to think that this suffering was part of his penance for the destruction of all life. He pondered all these things the same as he always pondered them when suddenly he felt something... Different.

He could feel the cells in his body humming in resonance with some form of radiation. He had felt plenty of radiation before and he knew this was definitely the same feeling. At first he was too shocked to do anything since it had been so many years since anything had changed for him. He stood there, feeling the radiation tickle his skin for god knows how long but to him it seemed like seconds. He started making his way towards the source of the radiation like a hound following a scent on the wind. As he grew closer to the source he noticed a purple glow coming from over the next sand dune. As he crested the dune what he saw caused him to gape in awe. What he was looking at was some kind of disturbance in normal space. He couldn't tell what was causing what appeared to be a tear in matter itself but what he could tell was that it was shrinking albeit slowly. The radiation was pouring out of the rift but it didn't feel like it was dangerous to Berin and he moved towards it steadily afraid it would disappear before he could examine it.

The closer he got to the anomaly the more Berin realized it was drawing him towards it. He wasn't sure what was happening but after more than 400 years of solitary confinement he was desperate for any kind of change and he allowed the rift to draw him to its center. What happened next was a mystery to Berin because whatever he was experiencing wasn't being properly processed by his brain and all he remembers from this time is flashing lights.


The next conscious moment Berin had was a massive flash of purple light(Large enough for everyone to see in the sky) and then he was falling through the air. He would scream if he thought it would help but before he could give it much more thought the air was promptly forced from his body as his chest slammed into something. As it happened what he slammed into was a tree branch. His limbs instinctively wrapped around the branch and when he regained his senses he found himself looking into the surprised eyes of the first other person he had seen in centuries. Taalia still had some juice from the bitten tomato on her chin. Berin's eyes focused on the red fruit in her hand and tears began to stream from his eyes on their own. It had been many years since Berin had spoken out loud but he raised a finger towards her. "Is... Is that food?"

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