Fruitful Exchange

Taal had only just bitten into the fruit when the man had simply appeared landing without ceremony on the limb beside her.

She looked on in wonder for a moment. This was without question the closet she had ever been to a new arrival event and often she wondered if she could catch a glimpse of the world on other side, but sadly today was not that day.

He lay there for a moment or two clearly knocked senseless before offering her an upwards glance tears welling up in his eyes and streaming down his cheeks as he spoke.

"Is.... Is that food?"

Taal nodded understand the words. " Is the food." She acknowledged in broken English. " Is... Tomato."

She wasn't certain for a moment what the man was trying to tell her before finally settling on the idea that perhaps he was hungry.

" Want ... Tomato ?" She said offering him the fruit she held.


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