Following orders

The old one said something in the monkey speech and offered her something, from some type of bag she’d never seen before. She didn’t want to be rude so she reached in and took one as delicately as possible. It was thin and pale in color, covered in a gritty coating. She sniffed but her senses were confounded by the chemical smells. She tilted her head quizzically until she saw him pop one in his mouth and crunch happily. It was some type of foodstuffs then. Politeness dictated she do the same so she placed it in her mouth and bit down. Her first instinct was to spit the salty crunch out, then she realized how wealthy the old man must be. Her tribe traded salt, gathered painstakingly by a salt who lived near the big water, but it cost dearly. The little crispy things were coated in the precious substance that he passed out so freely. Such a casual display of wealth and prominence. She bowed her head deeply, making a note to herself she must gift him something of equal value when she was able.

Thunder rumbled in the distance and Tsaa raised her head, testing the air with a flick of her tongue. She could sense Gil’s unease. Not by any uncanny ability to read emotions, but rather a language based mostly on gestures and body language gave her a natural insight into the micro-expressions people unconsciously made.

She wouldn’t have argued with him in any case. He said it was time to go and she would follow him as he wished. Who would argue with a godman after all? If he said they did not want to want to be caught in the jungle during a storm she had no reason to doubt his wisdom.

The trek was not difficult for Tsaa but she was also conscious of the old one. She was careful to make sure that the way was as clear for him as she could make it, using her tail to hold back brush and debris, even offering her arm if needed for difficult spots in the trail and underbrush. Her eyes were always on Gil though, even when helping the one known as Rigby. She was uncertain what she did that made him displeased with her, she would have to try harder.

She was completely awed by the Tower and it was only at Gil’s insistence that she was willing to come inside. She had never seen such a structure in her short life let alone gone inside one. She was frightened but the godman said come so she came and he said stay so she stayed. It was clear to the others how nervous she was though, her tail moving restlessly, her crests kept tightly tucked down. She found herself pacing and finally dug in her pack, spreading a soft pelt on the ground and settling upon it to meditate and perhaps pray to the other gods.

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