Tsaa said nothing mostly because she really didn't understand any of the gibber-gabber of the monkey men. They all talked to much and too loudly as far as she was concerned.
She did understand Rigby's offer of water but shook her head slightly. She seemed content to sit upon her furs to meditate until her godman's return.

It seemed like ages until Gil returned, though in truth it really wasn't that long. He explained the quest he had been tasked with and she was nodding her agreement before he had even finished speaking, much as he had expected. "Tsaa will go." It really didn't require more words than that. He knew she would serve in whatever way he needed. be it as simple as fetching water, carrying packs, cooking for him or if need be fighting and dying for him.

She looked to those others in the group, but made no attempt to interfere or really interact with them much. The language barrier making things difficult and being the only one of her kind she did not wish to make them uncomfortable or remind them of their short comings. How horrible to be so hairy and small like all of the blond monkey girls. She could tell them apart by their scents but they all looked so similar, with their flat faces and lack of scales and tails. She wondered if such ugly creatures would be able to find a mate, but perhaps the monkey men found such features attractive?

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