Truth and Lies

Io took a deep breath and nodded her head in understanding.

" No one knows a thing until they want to know it or are made to know it Sister Sofi. She offered softy resting her hand on the girls shoulder. " Many Eloi who reside in the Machine City also know this but refuse to accept. This is why all of us are exile."

Io clearly had to think for a moment about what she was willing to share with Sofi before speaking.

" You see the Eloi are , all of us, of one mind and share both memories and thoughts between one another easily. These memories we share however... " She motioned to herself and the others. These memories are stained with the blood of our sisters and brothers. Thus we are excluded and forced out by the others because we know what they do not want to know."

Io sighed softly shaking her head in dismay.

" The Machine City offers endless comfort and pleasures as well Illusion of security but all of us here know that the security it offers is a lie but the lie is more welcome by those who dwell there than the truth. "


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