What Hope Remains

The attendants of the Hall of healing brought her to the boy at once standing away as she approached the boy to examine his injuries.

The boy as it turned out was in worse shape than even she would have suspected. The fever having already taken hold and his skin hot with fever to the touch.

It was the injuries themselves that horrified her the most however. The skin around the injuries having turned a waxy gray while the injuiries themselves had grown dark and were already beginning to leak fowl smelling fluids that stunk of sickness and rot as she slowly removed the bandages.

Removing her Memory Link she placed it 'round the boys wrist waiting for it to confirm that it had synched before activating it anew and having the device activate a diagnostics display.

The crystal glowed blue and projected the requested information into the air showing her all manner of diagnotic and biological data that she could never hope to understand in her lifetime. The Memory Link after all was designed by the elders. A race that had given shape to the Machine Men the majority of what was projected intended to provide vital data to a race of beings that had vanished into the ether long before the Eloi had even come into existence.

The reality was she didn't understand half of what was being displayed. Na herself only considered a healer by virtue of understanding how the healing rings functioned and her ability to decipher some if not all of what the Memory Link displayed. Thankfully she knew what needed to be done in this case.

Sorting through her medical tools she found the fine cutting edge and the bottle of cleaning solution she'd need to cut away the dead and toxic flesh and clean the wounds so that the Healing Rings could focus on repairing the damage that had already been done.

Sadly based on what little she did know the boys chance of survival was slim at best but some small hope remained as long as she had faith in herself and what she had been taught.

" This will be most unpleasant... " Na warned the attendents who had volunteered to assist her. " I can calm the mind but the body will fight us. I'll need you to hold him down."


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