Gifts from the Godman

Tsaa's eyes grew large and she held the translator reverently, as if afraid of it as she fell prostrate at his feet. He might hate such displays, but the lizard woman was truly overwhelmed by such a generous gift. Never had she been given something of such value. Not only was it the ability to communicate with the other beings in the place, it was a gift from her godman to her. She had no words to be able to express how honored she was.

Her mind was already contemplating how she might better carry or perhaps design a harness of some sort to wear the device. She wouldn't adequately be able to fight or serve Gil in other ways if she had to carry his "Book of Many Voices" in one hand. She wondered if it would work if she placed it in a pouch. She hadn't seen any animals to hunt but she could use some of the furs she had in her pack.

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