Robert`s Passion

She turns and walks out of the room. Robert sat back down happy he could have made a new friend here. but a thought in the back of his mind how will Io feel about this or should he worry even?

He watched the flames in the fireplace as time passed, he remembers the times that he was in the army and the battles he had to fight and some orders he disagreed with. Having to kill the people of the native Indians people of the planes and mountains. Watching complete families get wiped out. both sides were brutal. The families from the east that had traveled to the west trying to work the land to make a living for them self’s. They watched as their families were killed by the Indians. Kids with out mom and dads captured and enslaved or sold by the Indians tribes. How much he had to endure in the frontier. This was a nice brake to be here he thinking to himself.

Walking back into the room Vi seemed to light up the room the gloomy thoughts melted as he gazed upon her. The beautiful Eloi seem to just walk into his heart. her small stature with long gold colored curly hair and petite build but physically fit and well-defined standing no more than 5' tall dressed in a white tunic of a Greco-roman styled made of gossamer silk cloth. A gold colored belt hung around her waist and roman styled sandals. The bottle she held was a dark color with a white label with calligraphy and a drawing. Having a glass in the other hand she lifted both into the air showing what she had. She gracefully made her way over to Robert putting the glass on the wood table in front of him. She graciously pulled the cork out of the bottle. The smell of the whisky filled the area as she poured the whisky in to the glass. He was not sure what was more intoxicating her or the whisky.

He picks the glass there was about a shot of whisky in the glass. he down it. The taste was a Full-bodied with some hints of warm oak, this whiskey was smooth and a slight kick to hit. He smiled “that is good whisky.” Vi`s face light up a big smile he could tell she was truly happy with his reaction. “Would you like more? Vi asked lifting the bottle. He felt the whisky warm his body. Robert looked into her eyes her blue eyes reflected the light beautifully. He was trying to read what she was thinking. She looked back and sat beside him placing one hand on his knee as she bent over to poured more into the glass. “this is made here and well known, Valley Falls number 10.” Vi says. Roberts hart skipped a beat he had not been touched by a woman in a long time.

He realized that she was reading him, and his feelings. How could she connect with him so fast? his hart raced as he picked up the glass drinking emptying it. she bent in close to his face as she bent over to fill the glass again. She was inches away from his face. All Robert could do was almost stop breathing. After filling the glass, she shifted uncomfortably. Robert look down his pistol must have got in the way he looked at her and smiled looking her deep inside trying feel her every thought. He said “sorry, I know my guns can be an inconvenience its rude of me to have them on here. he reached down to the big brass belt buckle with the crossed cavalry Swords on it. with a pull it came apart he leans forward taking it off. he rolled the belt and guns and laid it on the table to one side and leans back.

He looked back at her as Vi leans in to fill the glass now right beside him. Her smell her touch the feel of her Roberts hart racing she had him and he knew it, he had fallen into her spell. The next time she leans in he turns his head he looks into her eyes. Now inches from her face he could feel her breath it was like time stopped they were sharing the same breath. She closed her eyes as if to savor the moment. Robert knew what to do but did he have the courage to do it. he leans into her and give her a quick kiss. At first, she seemed surprised then leans into him turning it. Robert sits back pulling her back with him. She puts of her arms around his neck he put his around her waist as they kiss.

She sits back some looking into his eyes. Robert says, “I am sorry if I was to forward”. She giggled saying “no it was nice, you do that well.” Robert did not know what to say back. He just smiled and said, “you have to be the most beautiful women I have ever met.” He reaches up and touches her hair moving it from of her face. “your eyes are so captivating, your smile like the cool water to me on a hot day.” Vi knew he had needed this in his life. It is missing a good woman in it. “thank you for your words, Robert” she said softly. Hearing his name spoken by her meant something new to him. Could he fall in love like this is this love? Or is this some feeling of lust building inside of him.

Robert to see if they had other interest questions raced this his mind all military or frontier. Then Passion what passions did he have. “do you like music do they have a lot of that here?” he asked softly trying not to break the atmosphere of the moment. “she got excited “yes that is my main trade at the tower. I play and teach a lot of instruments my favorite is strings.” She says happily. Robert grinds saying, “I play the piano and guitar and sing a bit.” Vi leans in an says “you will have to play for me” then kisses him. They kiss tenderly time stops as they explore etchers lips.

He could not resist her any further. He stared to kiss her ear and up and down her neck she moved her head back exposing her neck more Robert just kept kissing her. He moved from her neck her lips her ears. After a time felt more like hours. He started down her neck to her chest kissing between her breast. her head shot back she let out a breath. She placed her hands on both sides of his face tilting hiss head up she leans down kissing him while getting up then straddling him. As they started to move there body’s together. Here hands explored their bodies with passion in their lips and hand. In moment they started to take one other clothes off. their bodies started to get covered in sweat as they held on to each other tighter and tighter moving passionately fulling their desires with each other. with a climax of passion Vi collapses on to Robert he holds her tenderly as she holds him close to. Robert for the first time felt helpless in a woman arms. He says softly “I hope this never ends.”

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