Shadows of Future Past

Tsaa's eyes grew large and she held the translator reverently, as if afraid of it as she fell prostrate at his feet. He might hate such displays, but the lizard woman was truly overwhelmed by such a generous gift. Never had she been given something of such value. Not only was it the ability to communicate with the other beings in the place, it was a gift from her godman to her. She had no words to be able to express how honored she was.

Something sharp jabbed itself firmly into Gil's brain at the sight of Tsaa falling to her hands and knees. An ashen memory rose up from the murky depths. The Ebony Spire loomed over him, at its base the army of disciples bowed before him in reverence of the demon he would become. And Iram stood behind him. His future. Always casting a shadow over him.

"I am inevitable..." The voice shattered Gil's calm so easily. Like a hammer to sugar glass. It was a memory he had fought hard to forget. And now it was back in horrifying clarity.

He'd broken out in a cold sweat, his hands were shaking. He immediately went to Tsaa and grabbed her arm a little harder than he intended as he tried to get her to rise. "No!" He said in a firm tone yet didn't allow himself to raise his voice. "Never do that! Not for me! You understand???"

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