Honor bound

Takeda stood there watching as Gil and others stated what was going to happen and then walked out. Takeda did not, he remained in the hall. He noted the guard in the hall close enough to respond if he tried to attack Taal. He had not intention to. He felt for her. She was not on the throne but on the steps.

Being relatively alone Takeda did a bold thing. He spoke to what he saw, "Nobel Taal, do they always treat your authority with such disrespect?" He did this as he knelt down removing his swords and placing them where they belonged. His katana to his left side with the handle towards Taal and his Tanto in front of him with the handle to the right in a very formal manner. From the little he had seen and learned, he was pondering if her thoughts and feelings were causing the problem. It wouldn't be polite to ask that. But, he suspected that being nice was driving a lot of this. Ruling over friends is never easy and it makes it very lonely. Takeda thought back on children he was able to play with till his training started. He also knew the feeling when he had to behead one of them in his training for stealing food. A think like that stays with you. It is one of the things that most people don't understand. Anyone could learn the art of sword fighting. Being a Samurai was more about character and honor. Many who learn to fight rarely learn that the battle was lost before the sword was drawn. When the swords came out, one embraced death and entered into death.

"There is more to the mission than what you said to Gil." he said to her as a matter of fact. He knew this because one does not just do something for their enemy without reason or payment. He could not see what the people of the Valley were gaining. The second thing was one did not send armed people unless they were trying to show strength. Sending new comers seemed completely logical, they were expendable and not so integrated into the community.

He straightened his sleeves and his bakama then lowered his hands into his lap. He sat formally.

He bowed formally and said, "I gave my word to the Emperor and my family and there is no one here that can release me from my oath." Breaking his word was something he could not do. That left him little room. To break his word would be to loose honor. As he drew his Tonto as he rose, Valkyrie moved and Takeda pushed his sword through his belly before the Valkyrie could stop him.

He clenched his teeth as the wave of pain and shock hit him. He would use the last of his strength not to scream, with his own blood he wrote
"愛" and "私を許して"

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