She Returns

Success, if you could call it that had taken nearly two days to achieve and even than a final victory was too distant a thing for her to claim out of hand.

Focused singlemindedly upon a task that was by all accounts impossible. Na had proven too stubborn to fail spending hours upon hours addressing the most unnatural of task of cutting away the dead and diseased flesh before than using the healing rings to restore each individual injury before moving on to the next.

The problem she faced was that no sooner had one wound been addressed did another demand her attentions, and even after they had all been cleaned and redressed the infection itself refused to be purged.

In the end she had to call upon both the rings and her strength of will to finally burn away the last traces of the infection from the boys body.

It wasn't until nearly dawn on the second day that Na returned to the guest hall discarding clothes and belongings with no want beyond a bed and a warm body to sleep with. A sigh escaping her lips as she climbed into the nearest bed snuggling close to the body she found there and passing into a deep slumber before she had time to guess whom she was sleeping with.


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