Once More, With Feeling

Miles's eyes snapped open. It was the strangest feeling of deja vu Miles had ever felt. Only this time he was fully aware of Na's naked form curled up against him instead of being numb from Norse god moonshine. And unlike last time he did not go into panic mode. Such days were well behind him now. He regarded her with a small and knowing smile as he pulled the banket he'd been using over her more to fight off the nip in the air.

The sound of her breathing was relaxing when set against the faint sounds of the morning coming in from outside. Miles could smell the sweat coming off of her from the arduous hours she's spent saving that poor boy's life. And he'd been kept apprised of the situation by Aaron so he was aware, if only slightly, of how exhausted she was. Mia was deaf to this, she too was alseep and with Miles's newfound control he could keep this moment all to himself, even though she'd no doubt protest such an act given her growing schoolgirl crush with the Eloi mother.

Sleep did not take him this time however, in The Grove Toshi would have already gotten him up and ready for training. It was a habit he still retained, even if he was glad to finally have the option to sleep in a little more. Alas it would not be this morning. He simply laid in bed and listened Na's breathing, the distant calls of various birds and animals that called the jungle home. The textbook definition of relaxing. All the while he maintained a calm focus on his mind as a courtesy to the sleeping Na. He hadn't been entirely certain if Eloi's empathic abilities meant she could sense emotions in her sleep, but Toshi had taught him meditation techniques to help gain a firm control of his mind. And he figured it was better to radiate a sense of serenity and calm so that if Na were picking up on them in her sleep, they would encourage a much needed restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Though it was barely "above a whisper" in a sense as he closed his eyes and let the emotions carefully slink through his mind and outwards.

Sleep. Sleep and dream pleasant dreams. Little Mother. You've earned that in spades.

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