Tea with Vee

The Professor cocked his head to one side in deep concentration as he shuffled the choices around like bumper cars.

Do forgive me,I must truly be knackered. My brain pan is complete rubbish this morning. Hopefully it won't throw a spanner in the works.

With a fluid motion, Rigby threw back the covers,revealing to the young Intern that he had slept the night away in his trousers and waistcoat. His dress was clearly all wrinkles from head to toe. Not to mention it looked as if he might even be missing a sock.

Oh bother! The studio didn't happen to send along anymore wardrobe did they. No,no, I'm forgetting the first rule of film,continuity, continuity, continuity. Dear girl don't be afraid to tell this ole fool to put a cork in it or I fear we'll be here all morning. Spanners in the works for sure.Get it together ole chap!

He offered a genuinely charming smile to Miss Vee as the Snap Crackle Pops performed in perfect harmony to the motions of his stretching. Morning Tea sounds absolutely smashing. Will the other cast members be joining us within the Green Room? I must say my dear,day one of filming was simply wonderous and rightly so,being in the company of such professionals and all. But I don't have to tell you that now do I, you're a BBC Intern.

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