Reporting in to Taal

Robert holds Vi tenderly as she holds close too. Robert for the first time felt helpless in a woman arms. He says softly “I hope this never ends.” She gives him a soft kiss “maybe we should move to your room” she asks. They got up she rapt up in a blanket and her clothes Robert pull on his pants and grabbed his stuff she also got the whisky. Walking to his room to she gave him a warm smile. Opening the door to his room he walked in with Vi they both walked over to the table and put their stuff there. Robert turned to Vi and asks, “what about your work?” she walked up to him put her arms around his neck “I asked someone to cover for me.” she says giving him a kiss.


He rapt his arms around her as she snuggled up to him. She started to hum a tune. They swayed back and forth dancing to the tune she hummed. Looking at one anther feeling the moment thoughts touch. They danced to the bed they laid down together. “I did not know this day would end this way with you here in my arms Vi.” Said Robert as he kissed her. She smiled “I did not think this would happen ether. I know about your moment with Io this morning. She would have been here if you asked. I did see you siting and just know thing would work out with us.” Vi says softly giving him a soft kiss. “Don’t worry Io is not mad but happy for us as sisters we all share are happiness and pain, we are that close” she says holding closer. Robert smiles “I am glad I wondered how this all was going to work out. I am glad it was you here with me now” he says running his fingers through her hair.

The night went on the two talked and cuddled late into the night with moments of sexual passion. As they collapse for the last time in one other arms falling asleep. The next morning Robert is wake up by the nose of birds the sun was just coming up. he leans over and gave Vi a kiss. She wakes some smiling she snuggles into him. Making some cute noises. “good morning Robert” she says as he gives him a big hug. “I must get up and do some things” Robert smiles back “until to knight then?” he asks she looks at him with a evil grin “what you did not get enough last night?” Robert chuckled and answers “and if I say no.” she rolled over on top and kisses him “good tonight, I hope.” Robert got a confused look on his face. Vi got a little more serous face “you have to go see Taal in the grate hall this morning she has summons you.” Robert was surprised and cot of guard. “well I nee to clean my self up then. Sill want to see you to day” he said. Vi lade her head on his chest “I hope so.” She said

then roll off him and the bed on to her feet she got ready to leave giving Robert a kiss good buy she left. Robert got up going to an area in the room with a drain the small room was 5’across and 5’wide. With a small holes at the bottom a bucked full of water was there and bar of sop he washed up quickly and got dressed in his uniform making sure he was ready for inspection saber and all. He knew she was like the Queen or something like that of the tower. He walked out and down the corridors asking for directions now and then. Arriving in front of two big doors with two what look to be to herded and trained guards. The guards gave him a look over “Major Robert Jackson, to see your leader Taal” he stated. The two guards open the doors Robert walks in the large room it reminded him of a large ball room of a fancy ball room. Walking up to were Taal was siting he stopped a respectful distends. He snapped to attention in full military style and salutes. “Major Robert Jackson, reporting as requested Ma`am!” he says loudly.

Music enter

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