Radio Voice

"Try to stop me," she teased Oh back and then wrapped her arms around the Eloi. By nature Sofi was a snuggle bunny, always up for a hug or holding hands or just sitting right next to someone so every breath they took moved her own body. Without Joe - and boy was it so different with him - without Joe around she transferred that need to the Eloi to be met which they were only too happy to do. Last night she'd slept with her new sisters and found a tangly peace with them. No matter which way she reached there was someone to hug and always someone making her their little spoon. Sofi understood now why kittens woke up with so much energy.

Should she ask for her own clothes back, especially her hiking shoes? The idea of going out not prepared worried her, worried her a lot, but if she set herself apart from the other girls that could say the wrong thing. Some serious cheek chewing allowed Sofi to convince herself it was okay and she just went as the other girls did; loose pretty dress like wraps and simple sandals.

"Hang on," she told the others just before they left. Joe wasn't around but she didn't want to go without telling him where she was, or Mia. Sofi left a note outside both of their rooms. Going to Silver Lake with the squad to pick fruit. Back before night. Just before leaving she turned back and put her hand on the one to Joe, wishing it was his cheek.

"I like this basket," she said as they walked. It was woven from some sort of native grass that smelled sweeter than alfalfa hay. Super light it was made to be held against your hip and someone had rubbed it with handfuls of sand or something similar to take off any scratchy edges. "I made some for one of my shows but nothing as pretty as this. I'd love to learn how to do it better. Maybe find a tree where the inner bark is red and peel off thin strips of it and weave some of that into it? As a pattern?" Sofi kept her eyes open as they walked, fascinated by the familiar and the strange flora of the Savage Lands.

"What do you mean shows?" Io asked. "A performance?"

"Sort of. I guess? I - " okay, how to explain YouTube and social media presence and a fan base and everything that came with it to an Eloi? "My phone? My, like the Memory Link? I - I record myself doing things and talking about them. Then I put them up so my fans, other people, can see them and make them want to come back and watch more? Like - gosh, just easier to show you."

Habit made her hold the Memory Link out like she would her phone though Sofi had learned it was a lot more sophisticated than that. "Hey, everyone! Sofi here and it's a great day to get outside!" she told it, a big smile on her face and voice just a little too loud to be mistaken for casual conversation. It was her radio voice, her show voice, and the girls stopped in befuddled curiosity.

"I've got some big updates for you but first," she motioned with her hand, shifting the basket a bit, towards the air just around her tummy, "remember to hit Like and Subscribe so I can keep bring you the content you love. Also check below for links to my Patreon and consider supporting me there."

"Okay, so it's been a few days since my last update and you've probably heard some craaaazy rumors about what happened to me. See my story time and Q&A video explaining what happened and how I wound up in the Savage Lands." It hurt to smile for a few seconds as she worried about well everything back home. Sofi turned it back on though and continued.

"Today we're going to a place called Silver Lake to gather some ethically sourced food. How do I know? Because we'll be sourcing it straight off the vine and out of the ground." Turning slowly in a half circle, Sofi moved so her back was to the girls. "This is my squad now. They're Eloi and oh my God I know, they all look like beauty bloggers but trust me it's all real. I don't even know if they have makeup here. Thirsty boys keep your comments on topic so I don't have to remove them," she laughed. "This is Oh, and Io, and -" one by one Sofi moved to stand just in front of each Eloi girl, arm tilted up so she and Sofi's face would be in the frame as she introduced them. "See? They're all Insta-hot without being Insta-thot," she laughed. "Seriously, they are the sweetest, nicest, most amazing girlfriends you could ever have. Like every day they'll tell you your outfit is amazing and you deserve better and not go spill the tea about you behind your back. I'm so lucky that they decided to let me be their sister."

"Check out this basket," Sofi knelt down with it on the ground in front of her, hand smoothing across it. "Hand woven, I'm guessing from natural grasses around here. They smell," she bent part of it and held it up to her nose, eyes closed and taking a deep breath, "like spring and sweet hay. And it's soft. I don't know if they worked it before weaving or sand rubbed it later but there's not a single prickle in it. And it's way better than the ones I made. Remember my first one?" she laughed. "Holes in it so big a horse apple would fall out. I'm going to do a special just on these so be sure to look for it coming up soon."

"I'm not sure what all we're gathering but each of us has this - well it's not exactly a machete. It's smaller, it just looks bigger because I'm short," she turned it over so the viewers could see it better. "There's a little curve to it and the weight is in the tip like some machetes but I think it's more for like light vines. I don't know, things are never what they seem to be in the Savage Lands. I'll do a gear review of it after I have a chance to use it."

"I'm really lucky to have the girls help me learn about the native plants and wildlife. Remember if you're not sure, don't eat it. Don't even touch it. The outside has so much good stuff in it for us but it's not all for us. Some of it's for other animals and we need to leave it to them." Sofi stood up and smiled at her Memory Link then waved it off. "See? That's how I do it and then I'll go back and edit in things like the Like and Subscribe buttons and add some clickable links, cut out boring bits, do some time jumps and then upload it."

"My subscribers are going to go nuts over you. You're all so pretty and I want to do segments where you sing and dance or tell stories," she looked at each one when she mentioned their talents.

"So, how far away is this place?"

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