The sky was crying ...

Perhaps oddly appropriate given that Mother passed during the night before held ever so gently to her daughters breast as age weary woman had struggled and fought for each breath she took until the very last when she could struggle no more.

Taal recalled sadly that she had held Held Mother in much the same way that she herself had been held long ago when she herself had been not much more than a child.

Mother even as ancient as she was had fought Death stubbornly. Cursing fate with every breath it seemed as she held to that one regret that she never been able to teach Taal more than she had.

Often was the times she had stated sadly that as smart as she was that she had never had the head for teaching and Taal knowing well enough that she was herself not that bright to begin with.

Taal laughed until the tears came remembering how Mother would often correct her about thinking such thoughts. The memory of the tiny woman standing no taller than Taal's chest messing her long blond hair as she struggled with her lessons, reprimanding the girl for her foolishness. Saying again and again in that thick accented voice that Taal's gifts lay in her hands and not her head and that she could only do the best that she could.

Funny how the role of caretaker had slowly been reversed over time and how quickly Taal had changed from child to a grown woman looking after her adoring and increasingly absent minded elders as age claimed them one by one.

The elders all wanting so desperately to be able to teach young Taal all they knew so that she could one day pass the knowledge on to others but time and age wait for no one and in time even Mother was unable to hold on long enough to pass on all knowledge of those things most strange and mysterious.

Taal brushed the years from her eyes an turned her attentions back to dressing Mother once more in the silver skin she had once worn so proudly. Pausing than briefly to adjust the Red flag with the Gold star and curved blade that was the symbol of the Motherland that she and the other elders had once called home.


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