Taals Home

Robert kept a close eye on everyone as the walked through the dense vegetation. It reminded him of Louisiana or Georgia lucky for him he was in a hot area before he got here, he was thinking to himself. he moves along the trail towards the back of the column of people walking. Watching for any threat that could come up. Miles and Mia talked a lot he could not always hear what was being said. It seemed they had a close relation ship maybe real close. but it did not matter. To Robert at lest they had one another. Watching Taal and how she reacted to sounds and movement he started to realize what could be a threat and what was not. She had to be a Native here, but he had never seen a Native dressed like her. She looked tough and he did not want to find out how tough she was.

Two, perhaps three hours later they arrived at the basin of great waterfall Taal motioned upwards. " Home... " said Taal to the group.

It took a moment to grasp what they saw. A Skyscraper of a style popular in the 1920 and 30's merged into the very stone of the basins cliff face reaching upwards perhaps 30 to 40 stores high and overgrown by the wild green of the jungle around it. It was clear that at least the first 10 to 15 stories were not but solid stone. The white stone of the building fused into the dark brown and gray of the natural stone surrounding it.

To Robert it became clear that 'Home' as she called it was located around the 30th floor where she pointed. An exposed corner of the building cleared and appearing to have been lived in with white curtains blowing in the open glass less windows. Smoke could be seen coming from other parts of the building Robert guessed four maybe five other family’s or people could be in the structure. He remembered for his classes in West Point he had studied civil engineering and chemical engineering. He had a dual bachelor’s degrees. Even with all his studying he was not ready for this sight. He was in awe of this place.

Taal lead them on a well used upward path around to the other side were a large Iron gate was fitted into where some windows once were at about the 15th story and a ramping cavern leading upwards from there. as they got to the gate a child ran form the gate Robert rode faster to ketch up to Taal. As she stops, he dismounted his horse “Ma`am, where do we put are horses” Robert asks her politely. She turned looking at him then back at the building “horse, there” she points at an opening near the gate with a half fence across it. he looks back at the oriental guy “Swords men! we put are horses there” he points as he walks. He gets to the fence it was just tied there keeping it in pace. Robert untied the one side of the fence. He led his horse to an open spot there were other animals there as well some he had seen before some he had not. Some strange machines as well with two and four wheels. He put the horse in the makeshift stall taking off the saddle and taking the equipment and saddle bags off the horse. The he carried his stuff with him across his shoulders. He walks up to the others as they go through the gate as he walks up.

They walked through the cavern for a bit to some starts you could hear other people talking as they passed other passageways. As they climbed, he saw another opening leading other places Robert took a mental note of them as the walked. They arrived at another gate that was made of wood and metal. Taal opened an old padlock on the door and walks in she turns and waves us in. Robert took his stuff to an empty corner and put his stuff down there neatly. And waited to see what was next. Cooking he hoped.

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