The Dark Haired Cuban Girl

The girls let her know Joe was coming without saying anything. Literally. They stopped talking except for a few hurried whispers and some shushing motions with their hands and universally grinned waiting to see what would happen. Confused at first by how they were all looking at her - no looking past her, Sofi wore a puzzled, eyebrow raised questioning face when -


And then he was there, close enough that she swore the warmth of his breath reached out and tickled her cheeks. Sofi's features softened, her lips parted and she hung on every word Joe said. He was just so darn adorable from the smile that made her want to feel it against her own lips to the way he was coming to check on her before he left. Behind her the Eloi moved a little bit, blonde beauty and grace fanning out to get a better look and offering their support to Sofi just by their presence. Besides, they were enjoying the almost too cute to be true moment as well.

Stronger than he could have imagined, Sofi's arms were suddenly around his neck and he had a girl's weight to hold, what little bit wasn't on her tiptoes. "I'll miss you too," she said into the side of his neck. She was going to cry. No, no she wasn't. Joe wasn't going to war or anything he was just going with a group to do something and besides he wasn't an Eloi girl so those - those things wouldn't be interested in him. Worried all the same her arms tightened even more, threatening to choke Joe until she eased off. Sofi stayed pressed right up against him, leaning on Joe and trusting him to keep her from falling.

Behind her the Eloi giggled and talked quietly and she felt each of their hands reach out and rub her back, touch her hair, reassure her that they liked what they saw and wanted her to be happy. How could she have thought such bad things about them? God she was awful.

But there was that dark haired Cuban girl...

No, stop it! Joe came over to you and he likes you and it's fine. Don't mess this up by being super jealous. Just - find a way to keep his mind on you while he's gone.

And then her lips were on his, closed but kissing him with an intensity that she hoped he wouldn't forget. The Eloi girls laughed and clapped a little bit, feeding off Sofi's energy and the silly cuteness of the moment. When she pulled back her eyes were closed then opened to a soft look that was just for him.

"I'll be waiting for you," she promised, face flushed and heart positively racing in her chest.

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