The footage she was recording was so dope! Sofi had no idea exactly how she was going to use it to create content but who else had video of the Professor singing and dancing like that? There had to be at least three memes in there and she figured part of him singing would make a great sound for a TikTok trend.

Gosh she missed social media! The thump of her heart and butterflies in her tummy when Joe was around had made it less noticeable but with him gone the need for attention and approval she normally got was creeping in. And she missed her parents!

Sofi wiped at her eyes with the back of her free hand, glad for once that being here meant no mascara or eyeliner. The Eloi just didn't need them but she was sure they probably had some, collected over time like Joe's ridiculously evil hat. Maybe it would dissapear while he was gone or - or she could ask the girls if there was a place they collected stuff, or other empty rooms to search. Maybe she could find him a gift to welcome him back. What could she use for wrapping paper? Ooh, craft post for her channel!

Bouyed by the idea for new content, Sofi joined in the dancing and singing until it wound down. A little out of breath she asked the Professor, "These Memory Links are amazing. So much better than my phone. Do you think, like, it can send a signal too?"

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