The Prophet

The one they referred to laughingly as the 'One Who Hears' had passed rather unexpectedly during the night. His death throwing not only the Temple but the governing Council of Elders into chaos as they rushed to find a worthy successor.

A task that was, no doubt, made all the more difficult by the fact that the Ark was in a rather foul mood and had out and out killed three of the so-called successors that had been selected in the last several hours. Something that Council of Elders had not expected.

Historically the transitions had always been smooth and orderly affairs with the Council of Elders making a big show of selecting a worthy successor and the Ark accepting that successor with a minimal amount of fuss.

What they had not counted on perhaps was the Ark's temperament of late and an its overall dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs within the Temple and the Believers themselves.

At some point however. Someone on the Council of Elders grew a brain and sent one of the faithful to address his concerns.

In this case it was a young girl whom attended to his pets and one whom it was unlikely the Ark would strike down even in anger. The girl known as Alice was no more than twelve and while not acknowledged as sensitive clearly was.
The girl was also well aware that the Eloi that the Ark kept were not simply dumb animals but also served as his eyes and ears around the temple complex and that the Ark often spoke to them. More perhaps then he had ever spoken to 'He Who Hears'.

It was his favorite named Joy who alerted him that Alice was asking questions as proxy for the Council.

"She says the Elders do not understand what is happening and why you have struck down the three successors they chose?"

The Ark would have frowned if he had a mouth to frown with.

"Tell her that they were unworthy. Tell her that I saw into their hearts and I saw corruption and darkness there."

Joy nodded and passed on what the Ark had said her thoughts returning to him after a brief pause.

"She asks who it is you find worthy so she might tell the Elders and they can send for him ?"

"Him indeed… " The Ark mused.

In truth he considered the child Alice most worthy as did the Eloi who all cared a great deal for the girl.

This being said the Ark knew the Elders and knew well enough that if he chose her and she told the Elders that she had been selected that not only might she be punished for blasphemy but that she would be in danger from those on the council whose greed far outweighed any faith they pretended to have.

It was then that the seed of an idea took shape.

"Tell her… Tell her that the one divine truth has already set events into motion. Tell her that a prophet will come to us from the West. Tell her that you will know him as even beasts both terrible and strange will bow to him and know that he has been chosen. Tell her that the prophet will make it known that it is 'she' that has been Judge worthy."

Joy gave a mental smirk.

"Ooooooh very smooth …. So you've picked the girl and have as much said so but you don't want to make it too obvious to the Elder's. So she's going to go tell them that 'she' has been chosen but they'll over think it and go looking everywhere else while waiting for the Prophet to arrive who will than confirm that the chosen one has been there the whole time."

"Joy you are joy to me." Ark gave a mental glow of approval. " Now tell her as I have told you."


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