Fire light contemplation

She had noticed the way Joe watched her. She felt bad that she made him uncomfortable. She wasn’t sure if she should try harder to be friendly with the youngling or leave him alone. It was difficult. She didn’t want to cause him distress.

She took food to Robert and Mia and he seemed more sociable at least. He even offered to share food, though she wasn’t certain what it was exactly. Cheese and bread weren’t foods her tribe had advanced to yet. Still, it was progress from him to make the bared teeth expression at her and not exude the fear stink.

She didn’t mind retreating to her fire though. She made some tea and ate a little of the meat and veggies. There would be enough left for breakfast in the morning. She banked the fire carefully and laid her skins out so her back would be to the wall and the fire between any creatures approaching. She kept the obsidian tipped spear close at hand, just in case.

She could have slept inside the cave with the others. She might have been happier in some ways, community living was normal for her people, but the flat faces made it clear she wasn’t part of their people. Better to stay somewhat separated. She had promised to accompany them and protect the godman and that she would do.

She knew what he was, at least in her mind, but he didn’t want to acknowledge it. It made him angry when she paid him the respect he deserved. So she had decided to respect his wishes but it didn’t change how she saw him. She wondered where that would leave her after this. Perhaps she could find a place by working in the marketplace. Perhaps near the only other of her kind.

Or maybe she would go and look for a way home. She wasn’t sure if going home was an option though. She had seen too many strange things here. Could she go back now, knowing what she knew now? She didn’t know that it was possible.

So she would build a life here and make the best of it.

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