The Ark - Early Morning

Mitzu it seemed awoke before sunrise the next morning disturbed by dreams she was unlikely to share with anyone in this lifetime.

Deciding that she had better things to do than sleep more she walking silently through the camp doing a quick headcount before turning her attentions to her mount until sunrise.

With the sun just touching she whistled sharply waking those not already so.

" Eat, drink, and get your shit together people... ! " She announced with a voice that suggested that she had made this very same statement a thousand times before.

" This valley marks the end of Fall Valley territory and the start of what is agreed to be Believers territory. I want you to keep your heads up and your eyes open and if this goes south at any time we say fuck 'em and we head home."

She paused then passing Joe as she walked through the camp reaching down to collect a price of Jewelry that had fallen from his bedroom into the dirt.

" Joe... " She sighed examining the silver bracelet briefly before tossing it to him. " Be careful or you might loose something more important next time."


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