Tsaa - Early morning

She had slept well enough and she rose early. It was her nature. She stoked her fire to life and poured some water into a skin before adding some herbs, some of the left over meat and vegetables from the night before and some ingredients from her bag. She hung the moistened skin over the fire and let it cook down while she packed up most of her things.

By the time she was ready to leave camp her meal had turned into a rich smelling porridge with meat and vegetables in it. While not traditional breakfast food for some of the travelers it was something common among her people. The thick and hearty fare would sustain them through out the day. Once people were up and moving she offered breakfast to her traveling companions, starting with Gil first, then Joe again. This time she made a point to come to Robert last, per his request.

She had taken away a bit more from Gil's conversation with her the night before and was trying hard to be friendly and useful. If she couldn't get home and must live amongst the flat faces she would do well to show them her value as a companion. Gil had made it clear that different species could grow accepting of one another.

After she fed the others she sat and ate near the remains of her fire. Any leftover porridge would be carefully placed in her bag. It would be shaped into flattened patties and cooked on a hot stone into little cakes for her next meal. It was best if cooked in a little lard and served with greens or fresh meat.

She still wasn't comfortable around the horses. She had no intention to ride one. The only time she had been so close was laying in wait to hunt them. It surprised her how much care the humans gave them, almost as if they were a companion of some kind instead of food. The flat faces were a strange bunch but she would study their ways. If Herth, as Gil called him, was right and she was stuck on this world she would have to adapt as he did. She would likely seek him out upon her return, she had a number of questions to ask.

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