Joe's feeling uneasy

"Joe..." Mitzu sighed examining the silver bracelet briefly before tossing it to him. " Be careful or you might lose something more important next time."

Joe had been gratefully digging into the food Tsaa had offered. Despite her utterly alien appearance, he was warming up to her thanks to her hospitality. When the silver bracelet suddenly careened through the air in the direction of his face, he nearly choked on his food. His reflexes were quick enough, however, and he snatched the shiny projectile from the air and even managed not to drop the food as he went into a coughing fit.

Mia turned to look at Joe just in time to see Mitzu toss him the bracelet. She immediately saw it was Sofi's and frowned. "She gave you that?" she asked Joe. "When?"

He shook his head as he studied the little device. It was certainly a lot like Sofi's, the smooth curved metal plate and finely detailed strap were identical. But it couldn't be hers, because... "She still got hers," he said as he looked up at Mia. "I bet these things got like, mass-produced, like in those factories of Ford's. Hang on."

He walked over to Mitzu, who was getting packed up. He had a hard time figuring out exactly how to approach her. He wasn't used feeling quite so intimidated by a woman. "Erm... Miss Mitzu? This ain't mine," he said. "Sofi had one of these but she didn't give it to me, so this must-a been lying there since whenever and we just didn't notice before or something." He turned the device over in his hands. It couldn't be Sofi's... but it did look exactly the same. It gave him a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. "You think we should bring it along and see what's on here or should we just toss it?"

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