Reassuring The Young Man

"Sofi had one of these but she didn't give it to me, so this must-a been lying there since whenever and we just didn't notice before or something." He turned the device over in his hands. It couldn't be Sofi's... but it did look exactly the same. It gave him a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. "You think we should bring it along and see what's on here or should we just toss it?"

"Maybe Sofi snuck it into your stuff?" Mia suggested. "Like as a surprise? A reminder? A 'I'm always thinking of you' gesture?" She knew Joe and her had gotten super close. It really wouldn't surprise her if Sofi had indeed done such a thing. However the deep pit in her stomach wouldn't go away, and the idea of Joe discarding this piece of jewelry didn't sit well with her for some unfathomable reason. "I think you should take it."

"Odd..." Gil said from his spot at the camp. He was fiddling with one of his gizmos, his "anomaly detector" he called it. It was his method to detect the strange time and space phenomena. It was his plan to start laying similar devices throughout the valley and come up with a way to track the anomalies to ensure safer travel paths for travelers and the like. "A flicker of something then nothing..." He shrugged. "Oh well... Such is life in the SL..."

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