Sisters - Part II

For a moment the trio just stood there seemingly unable to speak. An odd silence hanging in the air for what seemed the longest time as the three Eloi girls seemed almost in awe of him.

It was then that Ell spoke, breaking the lingering silence.

" I'm sorry, In my foolishness I have grown so used to speaking with you aloud that I had almost forgotten that my Sisters do not have the advantage of having a Translator… "

" These are my sisters Po, Lux, and Yu… "

Each of the young Eloi bowed politely in turn as their names were spoken. All of them staring with wide eyes and warm smiles almost as if they had never been this close to a male before in their lives.

Ell continued motioning the girls to enter. " We share a room in the female dorms and they were instructed to bring my belongings here because It was unlikely that I would be returning."

The three entered and much like Ell had been moments before they were clearly amazed at the volume of open space the residence afforded.

Ell belongings were perhaps suprisingly few.

A small metal chest containing an assortment of colorful clothing and undergarments. A second chest containing a random assortment of other items including cosmetics, perfumes, Jewellery not unlike what she already wore and some more familiar items like a small plush Hello Kitty doll, a pink Game boy and a handful of game cards, and a bright yellow Nokia Cell phone with an odd assortment of trinkets.

The last item Ben recognized from before. The backpack she had handed over to the Machine Men when they had first met.

It was then that it dawned on him that there was clearly an exchange taking place between the Eloi but no words could be heard. In fact none of the Eloi's mouths were moving at all save for a soft sigh or surprised gasp.

Finally Ell motioned for the trio to be seated and then turned to him to speak aloud. " My apologies but they do not yet speak your language and had many many questions that I have done my best to answer."

" Lux thinks you are very handsome and wants to know if you have any mates at home and if so how many ? "

" Po wants to ask if you are a warrior in your world and what do all the pictures on your skin mean ? "

Ell frowned than giving the one name Yu a dirty look before finally shrugged her shoulders and speaking.

" Yu wants to know if you have had a chance to sleep with anyone yet and if you would consider her for this evening entertainment ? "

It was clear than the Yu's inquiry had a sparked yet another exchange between the four Eloi, but again no words could be heard Though it was clear that it was fairly heated exchange that ended suddenly with Ell raising her hand.

" They all want to know now which of them you think is the prettiest, and if you would consider taking one or all as wives ? "


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