Sisters - Part III

Ben felt a little uneasy with the line of questioning the three Eloi were undertaking. He did his best to answer them still, not wanting to appear rude.

At Lux’s first question he replied: “I’m not seeing anyone currently.”

With Po’s he answered: “I was in the army, yes. The tattoos say I was a medic, a healer, and some are just ones I picked up on my many travels. Mementos of places I’ve been.” He did smile and added: “Maybe at some point I’ll get one from here too.”

At Yu’s question he was more than a little surprised by her forwardness and found himself blushing a bit. “I... haven’t really had the time for that... in a long time, actually.” His gaze went to Ell for a brief moment, then back to Yu before he grinned sheepishly. “I appreciate the offer, but at the moment I’m more interested in just getting situated and figuring out what I’m gonna do next.” He hoped this let the eager Eloi down easy.

Though the next question didn’t help at all. “That’s a bit much for having just met me, don’t you think???” He chuckled, albeit nervously. “You girls have to be joking, right? Is this some sort of gag? Get the new guy to blush as much as possible?” Though he grinned as he pretended to think for a moment, knowing full well he hadn’t answered the entire question. “And if it’s anyone’s business… Ell’s the prettiest of you all.”

Though he’d mostly said that as a slight on the three, very presumptuous, Eloi who had so far only managed to make him unbearably uncomfortable with their questions, he was actually telling the truth. Plus what Ell had said before had made him aware of her own sense of insecurity, and he wanted to give her ego a bit of a boost. He smiled at Ell for a moment then went back to observing the three Eloi for their reactions to what was essentially a very firm and clear rejection.

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