Sisters - Part IV

If the trio had taken his reaction as any kind of rejection it clearly hadn't register as such.

Rather it was clear that they were once more engaged in a rather animated discussion. The four of them smiling warmly clearly holding a great deal of affection for one another as they conversed between themselves the unspoken language of the Eloi for several moments before Ell again raised her hand bringing the exchange to a stop turned her attention's back to Ben sighing softly.

" They have many many questions that I am trying to answer but I must admit my knowledge is limited at best...." She tried to explain. " They are in agreement that they like you very much and think it is very sweet of you to say that you considered me the prettiest and to expressed such loyalty to me as your first. "

The trio nodded their heads in agreement with her words before Ell continued.

" You see it is a rare thing for a male to express himself in this manner among our kind and they want you to understand that they would never seek to hurt or replace me as your first but they feel that it is unnatural for you to have only one wife to care for you and they are concerned that I alone cannot care for you properly without … without … what ? "

Ell turned her attention back to the trio seemingly to ask a question that was quickly addressed. Ell nodding her understanding.

" Without someone to shield my back from attack? … Attack?"

Ell turned her attention to the Trio again attempting to confirm what was said. All three clearly saying something at once. Ell suddenly raising her hand to stop them.

" Perhaps a change in strategy is in order. "

Ell reached behind her neck and unhooked the necklace removing it and then placing it around Ben's shoulders before fixing the clasp.

"Ben can you hear me ?"

Ell voice came into his mind suddenly nearly overwhelming his senses for a brief moment.

"Ben ?" She asked again certain now that he could hear her speaking.

"It won't melt his brain will it ?" Yu inquired with some concern. Her voice warm and smooth tasting like honey with a hint of lemon to it upon his lips.

" Is he okay, It won't hurt him will it ?" A voice that sounded like bells came to him. This clearly coming from Po who looked on with concern.

The next voice tasted like some warm sweet alcohol that washed smoothly over his mind almost Intoxicating in its potency.

" He seems fine. The device just takes a moment to make the adjustment from one host mind to another. It's not always the most pleasant of experiences but its rarely a problem. " Lux observed."

" Beloved can you hear me ?"

This was Ell's inner voice and much like Lux her voice was warm and sweet to the tongue though the intoxicating hint was perhaps a little less than her Sisters.

" Beloved speak to me please ? "


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