Mind Meld - Part I

Ben was slightly stunned by the sensation of it all. Their voices were like gentle waves that crashed upon his mind in pleasant sensations that threatened to overwhelm him if he didn’t concentrate. It was Ell’s voice he focused on. He closed his eyes and focused on the sweet taste of her voice.

“I can hear you all.” He said, struggling to keep his mind focused but looked to Ell and nodded to let her know he was fine. “It’s strange. And also utterly fucking fun. I could get addicted to listening to your voice. Hold on, did I just say that out loud? I just thought it. Oh wait, that’s how the translator works, isn’t it? It broadcasts my thoughts. Shit now I gotta keep my mind off of… don’t think about her… focus… those goddamn legs! You’re not helping! The others are cute too… No… Fuck!” Ben opened his eyes and looked to the four eloi with a bit of a panicked expression. “Baseball… think about baseball or chess, or Dr. Rothman’s saggy arms… Saggy arms… Baseball… Cute girls staring at me still… Ell’s eyes… baseball baseball baseball…”

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