A Familiar Path

One step later and all had gone from day to night and Miles found himself in an empty parking lot staring up a glowing McDonalds sign seemingly held aloft by nothing but air. Only the second one of these he'd seen in the last few weeks.

Na smirks glancing this way and that. " Yeah, they do turn up a lot here. I'm not really sure why though."

Na paused for a moment and motioned Miles to follow.

" This way."

"I think you're kinda crazy..." A ringtone from a distant phone sounded and Miles regarded it with curiosity, though Na didn't seem interested as she started further into the jungle.

Miles was silent. They continued walking through the night for a few more moments until it was suddenly daytime. Miles regarded this with mild surprise, this was becoming normal. Soon they reached the edge of the jungle as it opened up to open fields and orchards and looming in the distance was an enormous dome. Miles regarded this with extreme surprise, his jaw dropping.

"The Machine City, I presume?" Miles asked Na. Yet it was obvious they had reached their destination. They continued towards the dome. Eloi in sheer white togas were gathering fruit and vegetables. They were smiling and their flawless skin and golden blonde hair seemed to glow in the sunlight. All gorgeous.

Yet when they saw Na, their smiles immediately snapped to worried looks. That made Miles frown as he was reminded that Na was unwelcome here. He turned his attention to the front entrance to the city. There were a set of large, humanoid, machines standing guard with some menacing-looking weapons built into their arms. Miles' hand went to his weapon, yet not his sidearm for some odd reason, it went to the katana on his back. It was funny because he knew that there was no way in hell he'd be able to take on two large mechs with a sword, yet he found more comfort having his hand on the sword than his sidearm.

Funny how a few months in a strange time warp could change a guy.

" Welcome to Utopia Traveler. "

One of the less threatening of the Machine Men advanced forward to greet them as they crossed the threshold into the interior of the dome.

"Utopia?" Miles shot Na a confused look then shrugged. He didn't realize that was what the place was called, and frankly he found it a little contrived. It was wishful thinking such a place could be called Utopia, and given what Na had told him of eloi culture here, it was more of a dystopia than anything else.

The Machine Man then turned to look at Na. "Exile. Explain your presence..."

"She's with me, you tin can." Miles interjected. It may have been a foolhardy gesture, but he stood his ground. "Got a problem with it?"

"Is this true? You are the companion to this traveler, Exile?" The machine man asked.

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