Machine City - True Companion

"Is this true? You are the companion to this traveler, Exile?" The machine man asked.

Na frowned her annoyance at the Administrator. " We have arrived together and we will leave together. " She stated plainly. " That is all you need to know. "

Na turned to Miles. " As impressive and well armed as the Machine Men are. So long as we stay out of trouble and are civil to them and the citizens of Utopia. They won't bar our passage into the city nor expel us from it. "

Na motioned to the tray on The table before the Machine Man." They will wish to examine your weapons. Not because they care about the weapons themselves but because it is a test of the Travelers character."

Na turned her attention to the Machine Man. " I am here to request access to the Learning Machine. I have become a skilled healer during my years in exile but my education is lacking and incomplete. "

The Administrator nodded it's understanding and approval of her request.

" The Learning Machine is rarely used so access will not be a problem but the education requested will require several sessions over several days."

Na nodded her understanding.

It was then that an Eloi appeared at the gate between the two Machine Guardians dressed in a summer dress of near transparent Scarlett and while Na was most attractive. The one now waiting for them was breathtaking with long gold hair and bright blue eyes adored in an assortment of gold jewelry.

" She is a true Companion." Na advised softly to Miles. " She was selected from dozens of others because she is an ideal match based upon a probe of your surface thoughts. Once promised she will stay at your side until you die or send her away. "

The Eloi nodded her head in agreement but it was clear she was trying her best not to look at Na. There was no contempt nor hatred in the young Eloi's eyes like the Eloi from Fall Valley had but rather fear and worry.

" I am Jen Traveler." She offered softly in a voice that sounded and even tasted like honey to him. " And I am yours."


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