Mind Meld - Part II

" He thinks we're cute … "

" What is that? "

" I think you broke him. " Yu announced with some concern. " He's starting to project nonsense.

"He's looking at her legs but he keeps thinking about her at ass… Is that normal ? "

" Hardly broken… " Lux injected. " He's just trying to guard his thoughts from us because he doesn't know how clearly we can see and hear what he's thinking."

" Hey… hey!" Po announced happily. "You were wrong. He's not some mutant packing a phallus the size of your arm. Honestly you were all so worried that he'd split you in two the first time you laid together. His isn't that much bigger than a … "

" Po !!! " The other three shouted collectively.

" I'm the one that was supposed to ask the stupid and disturbing questions." Yu grumbled softly. " That's what we all agreed on."

" I didn't ask anything." Po countered in annoyance. " He was just trying so hard not to think about it. That he thought about it in great detail."

" Hey, What's Pornstar mean anyways ? "

The world was starting to spin at this point as he struggled to find something to focus on but the voices were now almost overwhelming.

" Wait, Something wrong ? " Ell's voice sounded with some concern.

" Pornstar ? I don't understand. "

" Why does he keep asking about Whose on first ? "

"Well at least he plays Chess, I was worried he… "

" Strike three, Your out of there … "

" Would you stop that! " Ell's voice sounded as Ben's head started to hurt as he grew more and more dizzy. "

" Look it's so simple, you only just need to push a little and poof. He's hard as a rock… "

" Enough ! "

Suddenly all was silence and calm as Ben struggled to stop the room from spinning.


Some time had passed before the world came in to focus again. Ell's hands resting on his temple as the rings she wore glowed almost white hot as she focused her will on restoring him.

" I think it caused some damage … how could I be so stupid." Ell spoke aloud as he felt another pair of hands resting on his shoulders. A woman's warm breasts pressing against his back supporting his weight.

It was only then that he realised he was actually seated and not laid out on the floor.

" I know, I know, It's just he looked like it was hurting him and … " Ell sobbed softly. " It's not supposed to hurt. It's supposed to make it easier for him."

She sobbed again seeming to nod her head in agreement. " Your right of course, He just needs to rest ... "

"Rest Ben rest..."

It was then that the pain and the dizziness drained away to nothing as his mind grew calm and the world around him faded slowly to darkness of slumber.


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