Can We Keep Her? Huh? Huh?

As Mia was preparing to get the next leg of the journey underway she was suddenly stopped by the image of a stunning eloi in a sheer red dress. Though the bond she could see and hear everything that was going on on Miles' end.

" I am Jen Traveler." She offered softly in a voice that sounded and even tasted like honey to him. " And I am yours."

Mia was all over this like stink on a manure truck. She was immediately on Miles' end of the link. "Oh my god! Were you seriously just given an eloi??? You..."

Miles prepared for a torrent of jealousy and insecurity. Dirty pig, slime, and pervert were on the list of things he expected to hear from Mia in that instant...

"...Lucky bastard!" Was the last thing he expected. "Oh my god she's soooo cuuuuttteee!"

"This place just gave her to me, Mia. Like a thing. This isn't right! And she probably hates Na!" Miles protested.

"But look at that dress!" Mia exclaimed. "Oh my god I would kill to look that good in something like that. Wow. You gotta keep her!"

"What???" Miles exclaimed out loud to the surprise of no one with empathic abilities.

"Can we? Oh my god how cool would it be to have a three--"

"That is quite enough right there! Thank you, Caligula!" Miles protested.

"You are most curious, Traveler." Jen said with a tilt of her head. "I feel two yet there is one in front of me. And so loud..."

Mia's ecstatic energy was clearly giving everyone, including Miles, a headache. "Butt out, Mia!"

Mia sighed. "Fine... but promise me you'll bring her back. It's no fair, I get stuck with a the lizard girl and you get to pal around with two beautiful blondes... No offense to the lizard girl she is cute in her own way but still..."

"My god do you have an off switch???" Miles said in his mind.

"Alright, I'm going. I'm going. But..."

"Fine! I will bring my new eloi slave back so you can have your way with her..." Miles sighed.

"You didn't have to make it sound so dirty, Miles... but I like it..." Mia then returned to her end of the bond and left Miles looking sheepish.

"Quantum anomaly detected..." The machine man said. "Traveler. Your condition has been deemed of interest... Recommend you submit yourself to further research..."

Miles looked at Na. "Do you think they'd know more about my situation with Mia?"

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