New Day - Part I

For the longest time Ben's thoughts wandered from here to there. One thought to the next, not really awake and yet no longer asleep either it seemed.

Still he was content in the moment enjoying the sensation of holding a woman in his arms again.

Feeling her breasts warm against the small of his back as her warm breath teased his ear. The body behind him adjusted resting her head against his shoulder. He in turn adjusting slightly so that his arms founding a firm hold of the soft warm body laying in his arms.

" Wait … "

Ben needed a moment to think about this situation given that Ell could not be both held by him and yet holding him from behind as well. This was one body more than he was mentally prepared to wake up to.

He opened his eyes and looked down. He could see Ell’s hair spilling down around his arms, her small form pressed against his own. He knew it was Ell immediately, despite the fact that the eloi all looked so similar, he just knew. For a brief moment he tried to recall how he’d ended up in this position with her and the eloi situated behind him, yet couldn’t. He remembered Ell putting her translator necklace… remembered her voice in his mind, how it felt. Then he remembered the others’ voices. Then nothing.

Did we…? He thought for a moment, somewhat startled that Ell and the other eloi had managed to get him into bed and had their way with him. However he noted the fact that he was still fully clothed. Though his 2011 had been removed, along with its holster, and put on a nearby table with the rest of his effects. His boots as well had been removed and had been strewn about just a few feet from the enormous bed. His glasses too had been removed and carefully placed on the nearby nightstand. It was all to make him more comfortable.

And comfortable he was indeed.

The eloi behind him, later he found it was the one named Lux, seemed to be propping him up in a seated position, providing her soft and lush form as a pillow of sorts for him. She was sound asleep despite being sandwiched between Ben and the backboard of the large bed they were in. Ben’s gaze went in search of the other two, Po and Yu. He remembered their names almost as if they’d been burned into his brain somehow, echoes of their voices danced across his mind as he thought of them.

He found them curled up together like a pair of kittens to his left. A sight that was as heartwarming as it was arousing. They both had smiles on their faces as they slept. However, Ben’s attentions were swiftly drawn back to Ell as she shifted slightly in his arms. Perhaps he’d gotten lost in the moment as he reveled in her embrace but he began to stroke her soft, golden hair. He closed his eyes again and a small smile formed on his face. Content in this briefest of moments.

He didn’t want to leave.

This was just another in the many wondrous moments this place had offered him since he’d arrived. Since that machine man had presented Ell at that displaced McDonalds. He’d feared this was all a dream, that he’d wake up back in his cold and difficult world. Yet he’d woken up to this.

He continued to bask in the warmth of Ell’s embrace for just a moment longer. Yet he began to curse his own body as it demanded he end this perfect moment and answer the call of nature. He sighed and gently he started to rouse Ell from her slumber. She seemed to know what it was he needed and clambered off of him as he crawled out of bed.

Upon finding the bathroom he took a moment to calm himself, as his body had been reacting as any man’s would after waking in bed with four of the most gorgeous women he’d ever seen. Then he noted his disheveled appearance in the mirror and decided to add a shower to the list of things he’d do before stepping out of the bathroom clad in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

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