The Ark - Mitzu's High School Days

Even on horseback the ride to clear the length of Valley of the Monument still took a good number of hours if not the rest of the day.

Mitzu herself having come this way before was familiar enough with the territory as well as a majority of the landmarks and yet was for the most part unimpressed by them. The dead were dead after all and tended to not give a shit about monuments or other earthly matters.

Sighing Mitzu's thoughts drifted elsewhere. To other times and other places. To the life she'd lived before and to her youth.

NeoTokyo - Sendei Maximum Security Educational Facility.

Nov 2064

“ Mr Yamaguchi says that the marketing people have decided to upgraded my status … “ Mitzu announced off-hand as she held perfectly still letting Brazil work her magic with the eyeliner brush.

“ He say’s that I’ve been reclassified as B-list talent and that not only is that pig they hooked me up with from the public affairs no longer cleared to act as my sponsor but that given my scores from last quarter are high enough that I’ve already attracted a number of interested parties willing to pick-up my sponsorship. Yamaguchi even said that now I’m cleared off campus and that I should seriously consider hooking-up with two or even three corprate sponsors for this next quarter … the prick’s already forwarded me a list of interested candidates if you can believe it.”

“Please...“ Satomi chimed in not even bothering to glance up from her homework displayed on her think-padd. “ ... The man is a glorified pimp.”

“It’s not all bad… “ Brazil smirked as she worked with the liner brush.“ Things are always hard for newbie’s the first Quarter your on the market, but once you’ve cleared that first quarter the doors open up to whole world of opportunities.”

“ But don’t hold your breath that it will last.” Cherri sounded in typical fashion as she leaned over balcony looking out over the food court a few levels below watching with a mild detachment at another of the chief of securities typical displays of synthetic testosterone and misplaced aggression as he paced the floor back and forth sounding off a string of insults to the collection of students unfortunate enough to have been tagged for standard search and seizure.

“ The rankings are a joke anyways… “ Satomi offered, finally giving an upward glance from her homework. “ It’s really all just numbers and bullshit that Yamaguchi uses as an inhouse popularity contest. The fact is if someone really wants your ass and there willing to pay Yamaguchi's price. You can lay good odds that the bastard will cut a deal that will get you as much off campus time as your sponsor is willing to pay for. ”

Cherri shot Satomi a quick smirk reaching over to mess her hair. “ What our lil’ Satomi here is saying is that the List-rankings are just some number’s Yamaguchi cooks up to justify moving product on and off campus. The more demand there is for a girl, the higher her ranking will be and thus the more time shes allowed to spend off campus.”

Brazil nodded. “ Cherri’s right, the fact is a majority of girls who have Yamaguchi as their student advisor tend to get reclassified as B-List talent for their whole time here. Its really only the high earning girls that ever get flagged as A-List.”

Satomi's lips hinted at a frown if only briefly before she turned her attention back to Mitzu. “ You should link me the list he forwards you so I can run the names against our goodboy/badboy list. Honestly some of the pricks Yamaguchi tries to pimp you too are total scum that you’d be better off avoiding all together. “

“ Shit! Not again … “ Cherri announced sharply having returned her attention to the food court. “ That pig fucking bastard just grabbing Miho again … “

“ Not again … “ Brazil cursed softly rolling her eyes at the sudden announcement. “ What is that, the third or fourth time this week. Honestly I don’t think the poor girl can take much more. I mean she was nearly suicidal after her last session in student confinement.”

Cherri nodded her agreement.

Brazil moved from the bench joining Cherri at the balconies edge offering a downward glance. “ The Hanzo doesn’t normally paw on the same girl more than once or twice before looking for fresh price of ass. Miho must be on someone’s shit list or Hanzo must really like hearing her scream.“

" I'd say the last part." Satomi frowned pushing herself to her feet as she stuffed her Think padd into her backpack. “ You want me to go tell Evil ?”

“ Might be a good idea but don’t go running off by yourself, You know the rules … “ Cherri said in a stern voice. ” You go the long way and take Mitzu or Brazil with you. With Hanzo occupied fucking Miho some of the local deviants might get it in their head to make a grab for you while he’s off the floor getting his rocks off. The Scabs will think twice if you’ve got one of our razor girls for company. ”

Satomi nodded with a smirk as she tossed her backpack over her shoulder. “ Hey Mitzu wanna come?”

Mitzu smirked offering a nod. “ Sure, I don’t have anything better to do.”

Cherri nodded her approval. “ Remember, take the log way and avoid the Delta-4 Stairwell. It's Mecca-Boyz turf now and they are fucking pigs.

Valley of Monuments

Current Day

They were nearly at the border when Mitzu noticed a single rider waiting for them. A young woman it seemed waiting to welcome them.

" Heads up people." Mitzu announced. " Looks like we have company."


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