A New Day - Part II

The others were already up and moving about by the time he had finished. All of them apparently having little to no sense of modesty as clothing seemed to be optional in the morning hours.

Ell appeared a few moments later with food enough for all placing each dish carefully on the table.

No sooner had Ben emerged from the bath did Yu appear, taking his arm in hers motioning to her lips before speaking the word. " Eat?"

Her voice was as he remembered it though lacking the texture and taste he associated with it. It also lacked the confidence that had been so apparent in her mental voice.

Lux and Po greeted him as well. Po smiling and offering a wave of the hand while Lux was more inclined to simply offer a bow of the head. It was clear that speaking was still not something they were comfortable with yet.

Breakfast in the majority consisted of fruits, bread, and cheese.

There was also a dish of some sugar covered fruit cubes that reminded him of Turkish Delights ( Though these clearly tasted much better ) And a pitcher of what must have passed for Orange Juice.

" We all are hoping that you are feeling better this morning." Ell inquired as Yu guided him to his seat.

" I had not considered that you have never had a meeting of minds before and would not be prepared." She offered softly. " I was foolish but Lux tells me that if you would like to try again that it is best perhaps to limit such exchanges to just one person in future and to keep the exchanges short so as to avoid stress. I mean if you would want to try again in future. "

The blue stone on Lux's Memory Link began flashing than drawing her attention away briefly before she sighed and rising to her feet and bowing again politely.

" Lux has been summoned to the Halls of Healing. " Ell explained.

Lux nodded and kissed Ell on the cheek before heading towards the bath to shower and dress for her day.

Ell collected his hand in hers than as she gave him a serious look.

" I have asked them to stay with us for a time as I have duties and assigned tasks that must be performed. So I have asked Po and Yu to look after you and to take you anywhere you might wish to go until I am able to return to you this afternoon. "


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